The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Fabric

Walking into a fabric shop for the first time is overwhelming to say the least. You have bought the pattern, read the instructions and you imagine yourself in the outfit that you want to make. But then you come face to face with the huge selection of fabric on offer! Where do you begin to start to find the perfect fabric for your first venture into home sewing.

In the early days, I just went straight for the quilting fabric. The bright colours and exciting designs on offer just drew me to them. But this fabric doesn’t suit all patterns which I soon found out. Tops that are too stiff and rub under the arms, skirts too thin to hold the structure the pattern desires, many of my early makes had little wear have gone into the charity bags. There is still metres of quilting cotton in my stash that one day will become something even if it’s not something I will wear.

But those early makes paved the way for my understanding of the many fabric types on offer. Now when I walk into a fabric shop, the colours don’t hit me first but the sections of fabrics get me thinking of my pattern stash and what pattern fits where best. My makes too have improved and I no longer feel that I’m wearing handmade but wearing customised, individual clothing that expresses exactly who I am.

Photo of cheat sheet.png

I’ve created a Fabric cheat sheet to help you understand the overwhelming selection of fabric thats on offer in stores and also online. I’ve also suggested patterns that fit the fabric best. Some I have sewn, but many others are on my ‘To Sew’ list for the future.

Adelle x

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Fabric

  1. Thank you so much for this post, it is like you read my mind. I have been needing a blog post like this for so long! I’m quite new to sewing and fabric shops can be a bit overwhelming with all the different types of material around. This is honestly so useful.
    Would you consider doing a post on what the different fabrics are like to sew? I know that some need special treatment like hand pre-washing instead of machine washing, or using a special needle, but it is all pieces of information gained from various conversations. I tried sewing with rayon recently and felt like I was fighting with it to even get a straight line. It would be wonderful to have a little low down on how the fabrics behave and how to make them work for you.

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