How to Recover from Losing your Sewing Mojo

It’s happened more than once to me, and it makes me wonder if I really love my hobby because if I did I would want to do it all the time. I’m talking about losing my sewing mojo and the guilt that accompanies it.

One example of when I lost my sewing mojo was after I moved house. My machine had been packed up for weeks on end and when we moved in I claimed the spare room as my sewing room. Exciting times, a dedicated space that I could escape to and sew all the ideas floating around in my head. But a few months went by and even though I had unpacked my machine, I just didn’t want to sew! I went in and opened the cupboard to my stash to have a sort out and even went fabric shopping but I just didn’t feel like I wanted to sit down and create. To get me out of this state I thought yes let me tackle something I’ve been meaning to do, a SOI Molly jersey top. Bad mistake, I had no patience for the neckline which was a disaster and the tension was completely out. I hated what I made which did nothing for my mojo. My machine sat unused again.


My sister-in-law text me asking for some helping putting in her very first zip. I told her to pop over to mine and I’ll walk her through it. Instead of setting my machine up in my half decorated sewing room I set my machine up on the kitchen table and together we put in the zip. She was so chuffed that she did it and I loved that I had helped her. My mojo was coming back, so I got out some fabric and a pattern that I was comfortable with. I sat down and took my time, the dress took me three weeks to come (that’s a long time for me) but my sewing mojo was back!!

So if you’re reading this and you feel like you’ve lost your sewing mojo try out some of these:

  1. Pick a pattern that you have made many times before. It feels great that you can work through parts without having to check and double-check the instructions.
  2. Take your time, do short sessions working away at your next project. This strategy gave me time to think and also made me want to get back to my machine to sew some more.
  3. Get together with your sewing buddy. Whether it’s sewing together or helping out on their project. Enthusiasm is infectious. If there’s no one close by engage with social media, follow some new IG accounts and get some inspiration.
  4. If your project goes wrong it’s ok to stop halfway through and walk away from it. I’ve found this hard when I feel then my time has been wasted but I know if I carried on I would probably never wear that garment. My Molly Top from above went in the charity box after even being rejected from the pj pile. I have no regrets!
  5. Reorganise your work space. De clutter and sort through your equipment and fabric stash. You might find an unfinished project you forgot about and can easily get straight back onto it. Or a pattern you forgot you had! Hands up that has happened to me just recently.
  6. Try out a different craft. I pick up my crochet hook when I fancy a change. I can only do granny squares but we have 3 blankets around the house that have been made whilst I’ve had sewing block.
  7. Write a list so that you feel accountable for marking it as done. If I set myself a goal it gives me the nudge to get started.

I hope if you are currently searching for your mojo you find it soon.

If you have any tips add them to the comment below, I’d love to hear them.

Adelle x

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