#miymarch18 Week 1 Round-up

Last year I didn’t complete the whole month for #miymarch17. We had just moved house and my sewing machine was still packed away. This year I’m determined to complete the month. I thought I would give a quick round up of my photos each week. If you haven’t heard of this photo challenge it’s organised by @thatwendyward and @dressmakerssocial

Week 1


My palette is not one colour way but I would describe it as bright! I love colour and I am drawn to colour in most things in life. This photo shows a roundup of makes from the last year that show my love for colour.


This sew Over It ‘Betty Dress’ certainly reminds me of a rainbow. Again it displays my love for colour! I bought it with this dress in mind from my local fabric shop – Sew Me Me in Ashby De la Zouch. I’ve worn it several times, including a formal school prom and a wedding.


I have a weak spot for patterned fabric. I can’t pass it by. I’m making an effort this year to sew more plains but I still go for patterns when fabric shopping. This fabric was a bargain at £1 a metre from Birmingham Rag Market. It’s a polyester mix which does cause a bit of static when I wear it but I just love the retro print. This is a Sew Over It ‘Penny Dress’.


Finishing the week was difficult as I don’t have many makes in black and white. But this is my latest make, my Sew Over It ‘Lola Coat’ made in reversible wool blend, again a bargain from the Rag market at £5 a metre.

I’m looking forward to the themes for next week.

Adelle x

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