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SOI Lola Coat

Making a coat has been on my bucket list that I made on New Years Eve 2016. I do hope to make a full structured coat one day but I feel the Sew Over It Lola Coat from the Sew Over It ebook ‘My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break’ is a great place to start. It’s also on my #2018makenine list, a list that I have tried to use up patterns I already have in my stash.

The supplies: I didn’t want to spend a lot on the fabric for my first coat in case it turned out as a disaster. Wool starts usually at the £15 a metre mark and looking at how much this pattern needed I was worried it could be a costly mistake. Cue a trip to Birmingham Rag market. I found this wool blend at a stall inside and it was £5 a metre. I bought 4 metres which is less than the recommended but as the fabric doesn’t have a directional print I thought I would have enough. I sure did. The pattern stated 4.6m but I think that would have been at least a metre too much!

I printed the pattern again using the fantastic service of NetPrinter online. This project was also my first using my new sewing machine- Janome DKS30 (*excited dance). The fabric was reversible and with a little help from my poll on Instagram stories I went with the light side as being the outside.

The Pattern: Due to the oversized fit of this coat, the sizes come in XS-S-M-L. I picked to make the S size as this is closest to my usual size 10 fit in Sew Over It patterns. Cutting out the pieces took a while. You cut them on a single ply, flipping the pattern pieces for either side of the coat. There are some very interesting shaped pieces and I began to worry how it would all fit together. I transferred all of the notches in the hope this will help to identify where each piece would go.

The Sew: I’ve made a few garments from the ebook ‘A Capsule Wardrobe’ now but this is the first time I have struggled with the photos and instructions. The coat they make in the instructions is a grey colour which I don’t think makes it easy to work out what I need to do, distinguishing right side from wrong. Also it doesn’t use the pattern piece A-F in the instructions and I had to go back to the pattern and work out which piece was which. I became confused too when it came to finishing the neckline so I did a little bit of hand sewing and slipstitched the inner collar to the neckline folding it under. Another point was the insertion of the pocket piece to the final coat. I followed the instructions to sew the sleeve up to the second notch but this was too far and I had to unpick some of the sleeve to fit it in. Despite the small hiccups along the way I’m pleased with how each step came together. The instructions also gave me indications of when to finish each seam which I did with the overlocker.

The Finished Coat:

I love this coat!! The waterfall feature is lovely and the finish to the hem on this gives the coat a professional feel.

I did the long version which has super deep pockets which are fantastic! The fit is perfect in the shoulders to the sleeve length. The long version comes below my bottom which is just what I was looking for to give a cosy feel to the coat.

I’ve styled it with a simple waist belt which I love and also my 8 year old daughter suggested looked better! It is still nice open without the belt but I do like the silhouette that the belt gives the coat.

I would love to make another, but just the cost of the wool puts me off. I may need to take a trip to the Rag Market again.

Adelle x

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