My Top 10 Sewing Vlogs

Sewing vlogs give me the feeling like I’m talking with sewing friends (sounds crazy, I know). But I love to watch fabric hauls, check out how the fabric drapes and behaves and often I start to think of what I would make with them. The makes are also great to catch up on after the fabric hauls. It’s like my instagram feed comes alive in front of me. I admit I only really get to watch them is when I’m ironing. Oh the joys of adult life! Here are my top 10 sewing vlogs …….

10. Kittenish Behaviour

First of all I have to mention Sian’s shoes collection that features behind her in her vlogs! Wow!! The fabric choices and styles that feature often match my own love for modern vintage style and bright colourful prints!!

9. Sewisfaction


Sewisfaction is a beautiful fabric shop and studio in Wokingham, Berkshire. I would love to visit here one day. There is also an online shop with the most wonderful array of dressmaking fabrics! I seen how the shop/business has developed from updates on Sheona’s Instagarm feed and I loved watching the behind the scene vlog ‘Studio and Shop tour‘. I admire how quickly this business has grown. The channel was originally ‘Sew She Sho’ when I first found this blog, but was rebranded when the business was created.

8. Sewn


I first saw Rosa when she did a New Year’s Resewlutions vlog with Alex from SewHappy. I quickly then found the Sewn channel. I love her bubbly personality and here makes are amazing!! I look at everyone of them and say yes I would wear that! Her most recent blog is a tutorial for a Sew Over It Erin Skirt hack to create a pinafore dress.

7. The Crafty Pinup


Watching the Crafty Pinup feeds my vintage style craving!! I love Abbie’s style and her makes always seem so perfectly finished. She mixes up independent patterns with the big 4 and gives me faith that one day I could make a pattern from the big 4 to actually fit me without having to make too many alterations.

6. The Fold Line


The Fold Line website is an online sewing database and community. It’s often the first place I go to when trying out a new pattern. The reviews from other sewists are super valuable. The vlog channel is also a great resource. I love the ‘Sewing the Trends’ videos where Kate goes out onto the London high street to look at what’s on the high street and then comes back to match them up with patterns!

5. Gabberdashery


This was my first ever sewing vlog that I stumbled across and binged watched Gabby in one afternoon! I love her bright style and superfast sewing. She is currently planning to sew all of the garments in Tilly’s new ‘Stretch’ book in a month and will be sharing them on her vlog. I can’t wait to see her makes.

4. Lisa Comfort


Lisa is the creator of Sew Over It and a Sewist Celebrity for sure! She has set up a vlog separate from the Sew Over It channel which features beauty tips, DIY and craft tutorials. She has also recently released her own line of fabrics and cardigans, oh and just returned from maternity leave. This woman is truly a Wonder Woman! Is there anything she cannot do? My favourite vlogs have been her Q&A vlogs.

3. The Gingerthread Girl


The first vlog I watched from The Gingerthread Girl was her sewing room tour and I now have sewing room envy!! Its amazing, you have to watch it! I have enjoyed watching how Jen’s sewing ability has grown as she moves through her makes. Every make is better than her last.

2.Sew Happy

As soon as I started watching Alex’s vlog I knew I was going to be hooked. She has the most amazing energy and I love how she says exactly what she thinks. Her enthusiasm for her fabrics and makes make me smile every time I watch one of her vlogs. Her latest blog details her upcoming fabric line that she is creating!

1. Sew Over It


I completely admit that with my love of Sew Over It patterns, my favourite vlog had to be the Sew Over It Channel. Lisa Comfort uses fabrics from their stores to make up patterns, often Sew Over It patterns. I’ve also used this channel to watch how to line the Betty dress which I used when I made my sequin betty dress.

Happy watching

Adelle x

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