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Me Made May 2018

This year is my first year I will sign up and complete Me-Made-May. When I first started to sew for myself, most of my garments were pretty dress and I didn’t feel that I had enough basics to wear a whole month of Me-Made. I’ve made a conscious effort recently to build up my wardrobe and make more basics to fill the gaps. My ventures into the world of jersey have helped with this. I have also made a pledge this year to not buy any RTW for the whole year. So far, so good! I’ve written more about this challenge here.

Me-Made-May is organised by Zoe from and it’s in it’s 9th year! Her version for the challenge is to improve your relationship with your handmade wardrobe. She asks you to make a pledge for the month so here is mine:

I, Adelle – @buttonandpip, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear a handmade garment everyday and attempt to wear at each item at least once during the month.

May 2018′

I’m hoping that this challenge will help me review my wardrobe and see what I actually do wear and what gaps I still have. We’ve began renovating our bedroom which has been a great excuse to skim down my wardrobe but I’m hoping this challenge will make me see exactly what I need in my wardrobe and to get rid of those items that are just hanging around unworn. Donating my me-mades to charity was difficult at first because I felt I had spent time choosing the fabric and time making it. I almost felt disloyal to it!

My head is spinning with plans of how to wear my whole me me-made wardrobe already! I’ll be posting photos each day on my Instagram account and also writing a round up post at the end of each week.

Good luck if you are joining in too.

Adelle x

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