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Tilly and the Buttons – Frankie T-shirt

With an aim to up my basics in my wardrobe this year, I loved the look of the Frankie when I first saw it on Tilly’s Instagram story.

The supplies:

I was instantly drawn to the idea of mixing colours for the bodice and sleeves. I found some lovely speckled grey jersey on Tia Knights online and decided to pair it with some bright pink jersey. I bought a metre of each because when preserving I didn’t know which colour wise combination I would go for. I only wanted to keep 2 colours unlike the 3rd colour used in the book. That look would be great to use up scraps though!

The pattern:

I’ve made a few of Tilly’s patterns and I’m now confident with the sizing. I’m a size 4 and the book comes with pattern sheets that you trace off. I use baking paper to trace my patterns, Co-op do a lovely white matt paper. I went with the 3/4 length sleeve which would be great for the spring.

The Sew:

The instructions in the ‘Stretch’ book give versions for the overlocker and a normal machine. And in typical Tilly style, they are accompanied with super bright and clear photos. I went with the grey for the bodice as this jersey was slightly heavier than the pink. I’ve made up several Agnes tops/dresses and the construction is very similar; 1.Shoulders 2. Neckline 3. Sleeves 4. Side seams. I’ve learnt from past experiences to make the neckband slightly shorter than the pattern and really stretch it when attaching it. I finished it with a zig zag stitch in white thread as a noticeable feature.

The finished top:

I feel that the Frankie is the relaxed Agnes. It has a great ease which makes it super comfortable to wear. I’ve seen some comments online regarding the length being slightly long, but for me it perfect. It has a curved hem that looks great over jeans and gives me coverage even when I stretch up. I would prefer the sleeves to have a tighter fit, particularly towards the ends as they do feel slightly baggy here. I love the cap version too and that will be perfect for summer. A great pattern from Tilly’s new book, delivering exactly what you expect. Clothing to make you feel comfortable.

Adelle x

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