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Tilly and the Buttons – Freya dress

The new book ‘Stretch’ from Tilly and the Buttons is just full of projects that I’m eager to make. Every photo gets me excited! I fell in love with the ruffled Freya from the preview photos online and as soon as I got my copy I was excited to make myself a version.

The supplies:

I love the mustard colour however I wanted to make a version that I would be able to wear at work. I found this Ponte Roma jersey in the clearance section at TiaKnight fabrics online for £3.99 a metre. I bought 2 metres and it arrived super fast in just 24 hours after placing my order online!

It has a great weight to it and I knew it would hold the line of the skirt and the ruffles perfectly.

The Pattern:

I’ve made several of Tilly’s patterns now and I knew that the size 4 would fit be without any adjustments. I checked against the finished measurements to see that it wouldn’t be too short but it was fine. The patterns are included in the book and I used baking paper to trace off my size. There are pieces for the other versions of the Freya – jumper, 3/4 length sleeves and a full roll neck.

The Sew:

The button gives instructions for using both a normal and overlocker machines. I’m lucky to have an overlocker so I used that for all the seams. I used my normal machine to finish the neckline with a zig zag stitch as I’ve not tried out the twin needle feature on my machine yet. To create the ruffles I attached several lengths of the fabric together and attached freehand to just the front. The pattern shows it on the back too but I felt that would be too much. I used the stripes of the jersey to measure out the ruffles. The book recommends to attach a ribbon first to find the correct line but I just went for it. Once attached with the pins, I attached it using a zig zag stitch. The beauty of jersey is that the edges won’t fray so you can just leave them raw.

The Finished Dress:

This dress is amazing! It lives up to all my expectations. The shape of the skirt has a create flare which is super flattering, I’m not self conscious of my tummy at all. The neckline too surprised me. I don’t normally wear high neck but it’s just enough as a mock turtle. The best part has to be the ruffles!! They give the dress the most fantastic feature. Who can’t fall in love with a ruffle.

Adelle x

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