My first #MMMay18

This year was the first time I have participated in Me Made May. My handmade wardrobe has really grown in the last year and this was the first time I felt that I could get through the whole month wearing me mades. My pledge was to wear at least 1 handmade garment everyday and attempt to wear each item at least once during the month. I also committed myself to document my outfits daily on Instagram so I could keep a record of how my month went.

Overview of the month:

  • Repeats: I did try to wear everything in my wardrobe but I repeated 5 garments. I did try to restyle them, wearing different Agnes tops under my Cleo and my ultimate culottes styled 2 ways. These repeats made me realise how much I do like to wear my handmades, and how handmade clothes are just my go to now over RTW.

  • Dresses vs Separates: As I look back over the month I have realised that I have many dresses in my handmade wardrobe. Before sewing I rarely wore dresses, my staple workwear was black trousers+top and leisure were jeans+top. I have really enjoyed how my style has evolved since sewing. Where once I felt overdressed when choosing a dress and only kept them for special occasions, I know feel that I can express my creativity and regularly grab a dress to wear in the morning. It also helps in the morning rush as you don’t need to spend time matching!! This being said I have found that I have gaps in handmade trousers, I only wore 2 pairs in the whole month! When autumn arrives I will be planning to up my trouser ratio which in turn will make me re-assess my tops particularly none jersey tops.


  • Least enjoyed outfit: I made a conscious effort to reach into the back of my wardrobe and pick out those outfits that I don’t normally wear. My purple Sew Over It ‘Penny dress’ has had very little wear since I made it last December.

    When I first made it, I found that it was too long for the lightweight material and the skirt just kind of fell limp with none of the twirl of a full circle skirt. Before May, I shorted the length to just above the knee and as I put it on for work my feelings were still there. I can’t explain why I am not in love with this dress, I guess there will always be those makes that get over looked. I had some lovely complements when I wore it so I will keep it and try again to wear it this summer. On the other hand, I have another Penny dress which I actually really love to wear! This dress isn’t a perfect fit, the bodice is too high, but some reason I love to wear it and regularly pick it out.


  • My Favourite Outfit: The outfit that I loved this May was my faux jumpsuit which was a combination of Sew Over It ‘Ultimate culottes’ and a True Bias ‘Ogden Cami’.img_0611I have been admiring this bug fabric for a while and when I saw a small amount left in the sale at Sewisfaction I grabbed it. That same month Sew Over It released the ‘Ultimate Culottes’ pattern which is a style I have always wanted to try. The fabric requirements are 2m but by making the facing waistband version I was able to squeeze out an Ogden from the fabric. I didn’t originally intend to make a faux jumpsuit, but after making the cami during May, I tried them on together and loved it!! I’m going to say it ……. jumpsuits are a pain when you need to visit the loo. Having to get practically undressed every time is just annoying. This combination solves that!


  • What I didn’t wear:  As I take a look back into my wardrobe there are several outfits that I didn’t wear. I have a Betty hack dress that I put on one morning but the zip broke, so that it is now on my repair pile. My other Betty dresses I didn’t wear either but I feel that this dress is very formal with the big circle skirt and I just didn’t have the occasion this month to pull them out. I took my new Frankie joggers away camping with me, but the weather was just too nice to get them out (you can never predict Bank Holiday weekend weather in the UK!). Also a few items that I made very early on just didn’t get a wear and I admit I just didn’t want to get them out. I will now make an effort to clear these out and donate them.


  • The Sewing Community: Me-Made May on Instagram was a delight to scroll through. My feed just erupted with outfits each day which I have gained so much inspiration from. Everyone looked amazing displaying a confidence that comes when you put on an outfit that youve made. Seeing the same patterns that I have used made up in varieties of fabrics and styled in different ways has got me wanting to try new things. The support that everyone offers, in the form of comments and suggestions is just fantastic. It’s such a wonderful on-line community to be part of.


I’m pleased that I decided to take part this year. I admit, the daily photos at times were a challenge and my 8 year old daughter can now take a break from me asking ‘Can you take a photo of me?’. Overall, May has been a time for me to truly reflect on my sewing journey so far and the direction I want to take next. It has also been a time of many new ‘hellos’ meeting new fantastic creative people.

Adelle x


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