My 6 month Blogging Anniversary

I began sewing for myself in 2016 when I made a New Years Resolution to make my own clothes. Until then I had only really sewn for my two young daughters and I had tried and failed at making a few things for myself. I learnt so much that year and also I found Independent sewing patterns (that was an breath of fresh air) and I discovered the online sewing community. Looking through Instagram at what other people who were just like me, were making ignited a flame in me. I was serously impressed with the talent out there! What you choice to wear doesn’t have to follow the pages of the glossy magazines, it can include a fabric choice that YOU actually like and styles that never seem to be ‘unfashionable’. Sewing that year also gave me a drive when I had to come across some personal challenges. Time at my little pink machine was time for me to refocus.

Fast forward to my 2018 New Years Resolutions and I sat and thought that I would like to add more depth to all my makes. Something that in 20 years time I could look back on and remember all the small details that get lost over time. I had looked at a few sewing blogs but felt self-conscious about beginning my own, wondering if it opens yourself up to criticism. I am an outgoing person but I have little self promotion and I can worry about the impressions I give to others. But one night when I was sat in bed I just thought to go for it. Even if no one was going to read it, I will love to reflect back on all my makes in the future. I had a quick online google of how to use wordpress and within a few clicks began a reality.

Another resolution of 2018 was to not buy any RTW, except underwear, knitwear and shoes, and to sew my entire wardrobe for a year. Setting up of the blog with this resolution has given even more drive to continue. My job in teaching involves sharing my knowledge with others and so naturally I began to write blog posts about other new ideas I had learnt and tips for others who want to sew a handmade wardrobe.

The response to my blog has been overwhelming. When people give me feedback saying they enjoyed reading one of my posts it gives me a warm glow. Hearing that others have taken inspiration from something I have written, just makes me want to share more! So far on this blogging journey it has made me fall in love with my sewing even more. I have met so many people through my Instagram and blog page and it truly blows me away when I see all the countries I have reached. I have also met a lovely bunch of ladies who share my passion and I get opportunity to talk to others who actually have a idea about what I mean when I say I can’t wait to sit in front of my sewing machine.

Tilly & the Buttons Freya dress

Finally this blog has given me an extra confidence when I wear my handmade’s. When someone asks where did I get my dress from I now beam and say ‘I made it!’. I hope the next 6 months will be as fun as the first and I can’t wait to get inspiration from even more of the talented sewing community.

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