Suzy Magazine Review

The Suzy Magazine advertises itself as the magazine for women who make their own trends. With the newsagents shelves full of sewing magazines I did wonder if it would just fall into the crowd, however Suzy Magazine offers so much more.

Suzy Magazine is available online from their website. It’s on its 5th issue and unfortunately issues 1-3 are sold out. The magazine is priced at £10, which is a higher price point than other sewing magazine. It doesn’t come with any accompanying patterns, so the price tag may seem a little high. However this magazine offers so much more than the standard sewing magazine.

To begin with, the pages are a beautiful weight and the covers are just works of art in their own right. The slogans on the back cover could become prints to decorate your sewing space. As you open the front cover the beautiful photos and design just hit you. I fell in love the moment I opened my issue.

Suzy Magazine is put together by Dominique & Rosabella who are both inspirational figures in the sewing community. Many of the features are written by other sewists in the community and it does feel like an extension of my instagram feed. I’m mostly talking about Issue 5 here as it’s the most recent issue and still available.

Features that I love:

  • Pattern Picks: the speed at which new independent patterns are released is sometimes overwhelming but this feature offers a great selection of new patterns from companies that I don’t usually follow or even know of yet.
  • Blogger to Follow: there is a lot of discussion about blogs and if they are still current. Vlogs are great and really entertaining but I don’t feel that they would be my first port of call for information or help with projects. This feature interviews a blogger and gives you an insight to what their site has to offer
  • Sew Your Own Wardrobe Essentials: my goal is to increase my essentials in my wardrobe. When I first started to sew, it was all about the pretty dresses. Now I want a wearable me-made wardrobe and this article is just perfect.

Features that I passed over:

  • Playlist: music is quite a personal choice and although the playlist is a great idea I haven’t made use of this feature.
  • Basic Stitch: each issue features a fashion shoot section, with me-made garments styled like you would find in the glossy magazines. It’s great to see patterns made up and working together but I would like a little more information on these photos.

Overall I love the Suzy magazine, despite the price tag, I value this magazine as a treat and investment. I’ve kept hold of all my past issues and they make up part of my sewing library. Other sewing magazines, I often pass on after a read but this one I just want to keep. It is a perfect read to inspire and motivate me to create more garments to add to my handmade wardrobe. I’m looking forward to the next issue …..

Adelle x

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