What’s better? Tracing or Cutting patterns.

The sewing community seems to be split on tracing out patterns or cutting into your patterns. I admit, once upon a time I was all for #teamcut however as my independent pattern collection has grown, I've moved over to #teamtrace on a few occasions. I'm going to give the pros and cons of each camp:… Continue reading What’s better? Tracing or Cutting patterns.

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Sew Your Style 2018 Competition.

Whilst I was searching the events listing at the NEC I found the Sew Your Style 2018 Competition ran by The Pattern Pages sewing magazine. They had 4 categories: Vintage Refashion All in the detail Accessories I feel that my handmade wardrobe is modern with a slight vintage twist. This may come about because of… Continue reading Sew Your Style 2018 Competition.